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Sotomura life

An epic world lies beyond the computer seat

Anthony Jake La
I've probably witnessed myself change from the eccentric computer person who can fix most problems into the teenager who just can't get over so much anime. I think I've taken quite a liking to Fullmetal Alchemist.
I'm not exactly the most sociable in real life, and that semi-applies on the web as well. Generally, I chatter a lot with my friends, but otherwise I stay away from people I don't know unless I can trust them.

If anyone's noticed, I've taken quite a liking to Fire Emblem. I've liked Fire Emblem since the first English release and played the games before it in Japanese.

I'm not the best at web development, though I can create a bunch of designs. The current layout on my LiveJournal is based off a default LiveJournal layout, but it's been customised with images and colours to suit my liking. I've also worked on graphics for other sites and forums - the best site to see examples of my work would be my home forum, The PokéCommunity. Shadow Inc. Comics also shows a bit of my work in layouts and CSS. I strongly believe pages should be Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict or XHTML 1.1, and use CSS for formatting.

I have a very strong dislike of spiders. The second I see one, it's the shoe with it! Once, I made a spider lose its legs. But even a spider on TV will scare me so much I might end up hyperventilating. Might I mention that some insects such as beetles, mosquitoes and (gasp) ladybugs frighten me?

Old news: Strange thing is, I have a strong liking of Melbourne's public transport system. I also can't stop staring at 3G Mobile Phones (all Australians who want mobile services will need one eventually.)

New news: I've taken an obsession into my DS. D: